SSGC Tariff | Sui Gas Bill Per Unit Rate Price 2024

Understanding your Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) bill can feel like deciphering a code. But fear not! This comprehensive guide unravels the mysteries of the SSGC Tariff structure for domestic consumers in 2024.

ssgc sui gas bill tariff 2024

Sui Gas Bill Per Unit

A Sui gas tariff includes two main components:

  1. Usage Rate: The cost per unit of gas consumed. This can be fixed or tiered, meaning the rate may increase with higher usage.
  2. Standing Charge: A fixed daily fee you pay regardless of consumption, covering infrastructure and maintenance costs.

For example, if the usage rate is Rs50 per unit for the first 100 units, Rs100 per unit for the next 200 units, and Rs150 per unit above 300 units, with a standing charge of Rs20 per day, your bill for using 250 units in 30 days would be calculated as follows:

  • Usage Rate:
    • First 100 units: 100 x Rs50 = Rs5,000
    • Next 150 units: 150 x Rs100 = Rs15,000
    • Total for 250 units: Rs20,000
  • Standing Charge:
    • 30 days x Rs20/day = Rs600
  • Total Bill: Rs20,000 (usage) + Rs600 (standing charge) = Rs20,600

Decoding the Protected vs. Non-Protected Categories of SSGC Sui Gas Consumer

The key to unlocking your SSGC bill rate lies in your category: protected or non-protected.

SSGC Sui Gas Protected Consumers (SSGC Sui Gas Bill Tarrif )

  • These lucky folks enjoy lower gas prices and a fixed monthly charge. To qualify, your average gas consumption during winter months (November to February) must be below or equal to 0.9 cubic meters per month (hm3).

SSGC Sui Gas Non-Protected Consumers

Everyone else falls under this category and faces higher gas prices and tiered fixed charges based on consumption.

SSGC Sui Gas Bill Rates for Standalone Meters

ssgc sui gas bill tariff 2024

SSGC Sui Gas Bill Price (Rs. per MMBTU) – 2024

Consumption (hm3)Protected CategoryNon-Protected Category
Up to 0.25121.00300.00
Up to 0.50150.00
Up to 0.60200.00600.00
Up to 0.90250.00
Up to 1.001,000.00
Up to 1.501,200.00
Up to 2.001,600.00
Up to 3.003,000.00
Up to 4.003,500.00
Above 4.004,000.00

SSGC Sui Gas Bill Price (per unit of gas – MMBTU)

  • Buckle up, as this depends on your consumption and category.
    • Protected Category: Breathe easy! You get lower rates, starting at Rs. 121.00 for up to 0.25 hm3 and gradually increasing for higher consumption slabs.
    • Non-Protected Category: Brace yourself for higher starting rates (Rs. 300.00 for up to 0.25 hm3) that climb significantly with increased consumption, reaching a maximum of Rs. 4,000.00 for exceeding 4 hm3.

SSGC Sui Gas Bill Fixed Charges

  • Minimum Monthly Charges: These are additional, unavoidable charges regardless of consumption.
    • Protected Category: Rs. 107.37 per month.
    • Non-Protected Category: Rs. 177.47 per month.
  • Protected Category: Rejoice in a flat fee of Rs. 400.00 per month.
  • Non-Protected Category: Prepare for tiered charges – Rs. 1,000.00 per month up to 1.5 hm3 consumption, and Rs. 2,000.00 per month for exceeding 1.5 hm3.
ssgc sui gas bill tariff 2024 protected and non protected categories

Key Takeaway for Standalone Meter Users: There’s only one “preceding slab” available. This means you’ll pay the lower rate for your consumption level, and the remaining consumption will be charged at the next slab’s higher rate.

SSGC Sui Gas Tariffs for Other Domestic Users

  • Religious Places and Hostels: They get a break with the protected category pricing structure.
  • Government/Semi-Government Facilities & Institutions: They have a separate flat rate of Rs. 2,000.00 per unit of gas (MMBTU) and a minimum monthly charge of Rs. 3,900.00.
  • Captive Power Users (within Government/Semi-Government Facilities): A separate, higher rate of Rs. 2,500.00 per unit of gas applies for gas used for power generation.

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