SSGC Duplicate Bill Online Check – Sui Southern Gas Bill Online 2024

Everyone has to pay their SSGC bill every month. Do you also want to get an SSGC duplicate bill online for free and want to print it? If you are looking for that you can do this here easily. You can also get more information about Sui Southern Gas Company on our website. So, stay with us and read this article completely.

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SSGC Online Bill Check 2024 – Step by Step Guide to Get Duplicate Sui Gas Bill with Screenshots

ssgc duplicate bill

Checking SSGC bills online is easy; everyone can check it easily. But, if you are new here and checking your bill for the first time you may have some problems. So, to make it easy for you I made it into steps so you can get your bill easily.

SSGC Bills Online

To check a duplicate SSGC (Sui Southern Gas Company) bill online, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 Search SSGCbill on google to check SSGC Duplicate Bill

Step 1 – Click on the above button ” Get Bill Now to check SSGC bill.

click on get bill now to check SSGC Duplicate bill

Step 2 – A new page will open on your screen.

 SSGC Duplicate bill checking page

Step 3 – Enter your SSGC customer ID in the area to Check the Sui Gass Bill at

Enter SSGC Customer ID To check Your SSGC Duplicate Bill

Step 4 – Click the pay/ download your bill button to check SSGC Bill.

Step 5 – Verify you are not a robot.

Click on i am not robot buttion to check ssgc duplicate bill

Step 6 – After a few seconds, you will see your SSGC bill here easily.

View SSGC Duplicate Bill on SSGC bill

Step 7 – Click on the “Download PDF” button to download your bill. 

How to find Customer number to get SSGC duplicate bill?

To check your SSGC duplicate bill online, you need your customer number. First, you must find it. Once you have your customer number, the next process becomes much easier. You can find your SSGC customer number on your old gas bills or by calling SSGC’s customer service.

The customer number is located at the top left corner of your ssgc bills. Your customer number is typically found below your personal information. The customer number on the Sui Gas bill is a special ID number given to each customer.

find customer number to get SSGC duplicate bill

How to SSGC online bill download?

SSGC online bill download

If you want to download SSGC bill online it’s very very easy. What you need to do is just check your ssgc duplicate bills online by clicking the below button. After, you will see a button download as pdf button and you can download your bill. This is explained in this left side image.

SSGC online bill print – how to print sui gas bill online

Printing a bill is like printing a simple page or paper that you regularly print. But, the thing that you need is just a downloaded ssgc bill. So, for that, you have to read the above paragraph to know how to download it. So, just download the bill and print it it’s very simple.

SSGC online bill print

SSGC duplicate bill checking alternatives method with screenshots

In the above article, I have discussed the generic method to check SSGC Duplicate Bill for checking bills on mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. Below I am sharing some more alternative methods to check, download, or pay your SSGC Bill online.

Check the SSGC Bill, Download or Pay Online on Mobile (with Screenshots)

Nowadays in the digital era, most SSGC consumers who want to check SSGC Duplicate bills have mobile devices, very few may have tablets and some consumers may have access to desktop pc or laptops so, keeping given a majority of SSGC consumers want to check SSGC Duplicate bill on a mobile phone.

 I am going to explain a dedicated section for such consumers. where I will explain each step in detail and I will also add screenshots of each step for better understanding. I hope this will help users and they may be able to get an SSGC Duplicate bill, which can be easily downloaded on mobile or tablet devices. So, not only limited to just checking and downloading the SSGC bill, I will also explain a detailed guide to paying the SSGC bill online by using mobile devices or tablets. 

Checking SSGC Duplicate Bill Online on Mobile via SSGC APP

In this subsection, we’ll explore checking and downloading the SSGC duplicate bill online via the SSGC Customer Connects App. Most SSGC Consumers find it convenient to use apps instead of searching for SSGS bills on mobile browsers.

check SSGC bill through SSGC app customer connect App

 Even though, checking the Sui gas bill online through a mobile web browser is also an easy and quick method checking online bills via the SSGC mobile app is preferable in such a way once you have registered your account you can always check and pay your SSGC bill in one click, no need to remember and entering your ssgc Account Id each time.

 So let’s move further, and I will explain below the findings of the official SSGC app, download and installation guide, account registration process, downloading the SSGC Duplicate bill in one tap, and paying the SSGC bill online via the app. So stay with me and read the full article so you do not miss any useful tips. 

SSGC Duplicate Bill App from Google Play Store

The first step is to download the official SSGC duplicate bill-checking app. Open the Google Play Store and search for “SSGC duplicate bill app. Or search on Google “SSGC Duplicate bill App” or “SSGC Duplicate Bill checking Android”, when you search this you may find some other relevant apps too, but I highly recommend the “SSGC Customer Connect” app for its user-friendly interface and secure features and SSGC Customers Connect App is only official App by SSGC (Sui Southern Gas company limited.)

Downlaod  SSGC APP

Quick and Easy Registration guide on SSGC Duplicate bill Checking App:

Once downloaded the SSGC Customers Connects App Successfully, open the SSGC app and proceed with a quick registration. Enter your name, customer number, email address, and CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, and create a password. Click “Sign Up,” and you’ll receive a verification code via email. Enter the code, and you have successfully registered on the Sui Gas Customers Connect app, getting your SSGC duplicate bill is just one step away.

Downloading Your SSGC Duplicate Bill via SSGC Android app

Now, to access and download your SSGC duplicate bill, simply open the SSGC Customer Connect app and navigate to the “Download Bill” section. With a single click, your bill will be downloaded in a PDF format in the local memory of your mobile device. However, if you want to print your bill you need to connect a printer to your mobile

Pay SSGC Bill online via SSGC App

The SSGC Customer Connect app goes beyond just SSGC duplicate bills. It offers a variety of features like SSGC online bill pay facility, accessing old bills and payment history, managing SSGC online Complaints, safety tips and easy contact with the customer care helpline to read more about full features.

I Have used and tested the SSGC App for downloading SSGC duplicate bills, my experience with the SSGC Customer Connect Android app was good and efficient. It’s a great tool to stay on top of your bills and manage your SSGC connection without the need for physical documents. So, say goodbye to lost bills and download the SSGC app today to access your Sui gas bill online check Quetta, Nawab Shah, Peshawar, Lahore, Hyderabad, and anywhere!

Checking SSGC Duplicate Bill on Mobile or Tablet via Web Browsers

In the above guide we have discussed in detail how to check the SSGC Duplicate bill on mobile via SSGC app, now let’s move on alternative method if do you not want to install the SSGC app, avoid creating an account on ssgc app and look for a quick method to get ssgc bill without SSGC App.

So, do not worry there is an alternative method available to check SSGC Duplicate bills via mobile web browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, UC Browsers, etc. You just need to access the website in your desired mobile web browser and repeat the SSGC bill online checking procedure given above to check or download your Sui Southern gas bill. 

Check and download online SSGC Duplicate bill on the Google Chrome mobile browser

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser nowadays, SSGC Consumers can easily check and download and Android mobiles have already installed Google Chrome in devices by default. Just open Chrome mobile browser on mobile and visit, click on the get bill button enter your SSGC bill account ID and click the check bill button. (I.e Follow the step given above to check the Sui Southern gas bill online section)

ssgc duplicate bill on chrome

Checking SSGC duplicate bills online via Mozilla Firefox for mobile browser

Suppose you are a Mozilla Firefox browser user and want to check SSGC Duplicate bills online. In that case, the Firefox browser supports HTML5, javascript, and all the necessary functionalities to check ssgc duplicate bills online. Simply open the address bar or search bar in the Mozilla Firefox mobile browser, write or in the address bar or ssgc bill in the search bar, enter your SSGC account ID, or click the check bill button. Your SSGC bill will be displayed to you in your Mozilla Firefox browser.

check SSGC Duplicate Bill via Firefox Browser

Checking SSGC bill online via UC browser on mobile

The SSGC Sui Southern Company limited users who prefer to use the UC browser, can also check their SSGC Duplicate Bill with just the same way as any other browser, visit on the UC browser and follow the instruction to check duplicate bill online. You can also download the ssgc bill in pdf format in Safari browser. 

checking ssgc duplicate bill on US Browser

SSGC Duplicate Bill online checking via Bing, Opera browser, and other mobile browsers:

Not limited to the browsers we discussed above, you can check your ssgc duplicate bill on any of the modern mobile web browsers by following the same method as discussed above, there may be just user interface have some changes, so you need to visit in any mobile browser and you can check ssgc bill in few click you can also download, and pay online your ssgc bill after checking. 

Check SSGC Duplicate Bill Via Bing Browser

Paying SSGC Bill Through Bill Payment Apps and ATMs Machines

We have discussed many Methods to check the SSGC Duplicate bill above, which are easy and working methods. As we are promised they will give you as many alternatives as we can, so there are still more alternative methods available to check and download SSGC duplicate bills. 

This includes checking the bill due amount via the bill payments app. Ie. Mobile apps of all banks registered with the State Bank of Pakistan, also all mobile wallets, and All ATMs of banks. These apps are used to pay utility bills including ssgc, when you enter your ssgc account ID when proceed to pay the bill, then it shows the amount due for the current month. 

SSGC duplicate Bill via Banking Apps and ATMs

You can also check and pay your SSGC bill amount from any of the mobile banking apps of the following banks,  Al Baraka Bank, Allied Bank, Askari Bank, Bank Alfalah, Bank Al-Habib, BankIslami, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Faysal Bank, First Women Bank, Habib Bank, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Industrial Development Bank, JS Bank, MCB Bank, Meezan Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank, and others.

SSGC Duplicate bill via pakistan Bank Apps

SSGC Duplicate Bill via E-Wallets

Not limited to just banking apps, alternatively you can also pay your SSGC Duplicate bill in any of the mobile wallet apps, EasyPaisa, JazzCash, UBL Omni, SadaPay, NayaPay, and HBL Konnect and others. 

ssgc duplicate bill via mobile Wallets app

SSGC Bill Payment – Online SSGC bill payment

There are many ways to pay sui gas duplicate bills online. You can pay bills online or offline using your phone, laptop, or any device. So, here I will talk about online payment methods for ssgc.

ssgc bill payment online

Mobile banking apps for SSGC bill payment online

You can pay your SSGC duplicate bills by using mobile banking apps. Some banks in Pakistan have mobile apps that allow you to pay your SSGC bill directly from your mobile device. You just need to download your bank’s app and follow the basic instructions to make the payment.

EasyPaisa and JazzCash

If you want to pay your SSGC bills by using mobile wallet services like EasyPaisa and JazzCash.The payment process is very simple and easy. You just need to load your EasyPaisa and JazzCash account and use it to pay your bill.

ssgc bill payment with EasyPaisa and JazzCash
SSGC Duplicate Bill Online Check

ATM (Offline Payment Method)

You can pay SSGC duplicate bills by using the ATM card in the ATM. You can use your ATM card to make the payment at the ATM.

There are also more ways to SSGC duplicate bill online pay or offline pay like for online daraz and other apps. Also, you can pay bills online by using offline payment methods like Easypaisa, JazzCash shops, NADRA offices, post offices, banks, and more.

Sui Gas Period Timing – SSGC Timing of Gas Usage

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has set specific times to provide gas. They give gas in the morning from 6:30 am to 9:00 a.m., at noon from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, and in the evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. This way, people can have gas when they need it, like during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s like a routine to make sure you always have gas when you need it.

SSGC Gas Schedule

Morning06:30 am To09:00 am
Evening12:00 pm To 02:00 pm
Night07:00 pm To09:00 pm

SSGC Helpline Number

In emergencies, you can use this helpline number 1199 offered by Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC). By calling 1199, you can connect with the SSGC team to find solutions to any issues related to your gas connection. They will provide you with all information about SSGC bills. For example apply for new connections, checking procedures, or any gas-related suggestions or complaints. 

SSGC Helpline Number

History of Sui Southern Gas Company

Sui Southern Gas Company is a significant natural gas company in Pakistan. Its story began in the 1950s when natural gas was first discovered in the Sui region of Balochistan.

In 1955, SSGC was established to manage the distribution of natural gas in southern Pakistan, primarily in Sindh and Balochistan. Over time, the company expanded its operations to include gas exploration, production, transmission, and distribution. 

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Pakistani government made changes to the company, allowing some private ownership. Today, SSGC continues its role as a major provider of natural gas to homes, businesses, and industries in its service areas, making it one of Pakistan’s leading gas companies.

SSGC Head Office Karachi

To apply for a new SSGC gas connection, you can visit an SSGC customer service center.You need to provide the required documents, and follow the application process.

You can pay your SSGC duplicate bill by visiting the official website. You can also pay by using mobile apps such as Easypaisa and Jazzcash.

If you want to pay your SSGC bill offline.Visit any nearby banks, give them important information, and pay your bill easily.

In case of emergency situations please dial 1199. They will give you basic information or instructions about the SSGC duplicate bill.

If you live in Peshawar then it’s to check your electricity bill on our other site get it here pesco online bill.

You can check your SSGC duplicate bill by visiting the official website of SSGC. Enter the customer number and view your bill.

If you miss the due date,you can pay your bill after it’s due date.You just need to pay some extra charges for the late fee.